Home Insurance Discounts from Traveler’s Insurance

Home Insurance Discounts from Traveler’s Insurance

Did you know that home insurance companies offer discounts on your annual home insurance for having home alarms and other seemingly random things associated with your home? I sure didn’t. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I qualified for a $30 discount for installing a Flume water meter.

I was lucky that I happened to talk with my insurance agent and mentioned my Flume installation to her. She responded by telling me that I qualified for a water sensor discount – I didn’t even need to send proof of installation. She made a note on my account and told me that I would see a $30 credit on my next insurance statement. 

How many other easy home insurance discounts could I be missing? Instead of relying on a chance encounter with my insurance agent, I wanted to proactively capture as many discounts I qualified for as possible. 

I’ve compiled a quick summary of the home insurance discounts that are offered by Traveler’s insurance:

  1. Protective device discount:: smoke detectors, fire alarms, interior sprinkler systems, water sensors, water shut-off devices. It sounds like each state and insurance company has slightly different rebates & rules for these safety devices. The most important thing to remember is to mention to your insurance agent that you’ve got any of the above devices in your home – the agent can then see what you qualify for in your specific situation.
  2. Loss free discount: Traveler’s provides a discount for customers who haven’t had a loss in the past 7 years
  3. Green home discount: Traveler’s offers a discount for homes (residential) that are certified ‘green’ by Leadership Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) organization.
  4. Good payer discount: Traveler’s offers a discount for customers who pay their insurance bill on time for a certain period (roughly 3 years). All lenders require that you keep your home insurance current – this should be a no-brainer discount to claim if your insurance agent hasn’t already claimed it for you.
  5. Multi-policy discount: Traveler’s offers a multi-policy discount if you have more than one policy with them. If you have both your home & auto insurance with Traveler’s, make sure that your insurance agent has secured your multi-policy discount.
  6. Windstorm mitigation discount: Traveler’s offers discounts to homeowners who retrofit their homes to withstand windstorms, hurricanes, or other catastrophes. Talk to your agent about whether you may qualify.
  7. Early quote discount: Traveler’s offers a discount if you get a quote for a new policy early enough. Talk with your insurance agent for the exact details, but it sounds like the best thing to do in order to qualify for this discount is to get a quote as soon as you’ve had an accepted offer on a house or even slightly before. 

When I first started digging around for hidden or unknown home insurance discounts, I was hoping that I could enter my address, answer a series of questions and would be served with a list of insurance discounts that I qualified for. Instead, it seems like talking with your insurance agent is still probably your best bet for now. 

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