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Awning Works Inc was added to the HomeHub directory after the company was selected as a preferred vendor of Tony Walseth, REALTOR®. Awning Works Inc primarily works in the Backyard category, but may provide other home-related services. Recommended vendors from REALTORS® are always a good option since local real estate agents rely on these companies for their own business. Please contact the company directly for more details and to determine whether this vendor is a good fit for you.

Janice Stockard, Since 1985, Awning Works Inc. has been the awning company to rely on for custom residential awnings, commercial awnings, industrial awnings, canopies, shutters and walkway covers throughout Tampa Bay and Florida. Our 2013 expansion in manufacturing facilities, product diversity, growth in technology with skilled staff and general contract licensing has developed us into a leading supplier of sunshade and signage products. Our commitment to assisting companies with their brand and corporate identity has made us a reliable provider for many national chains., (from Yelp)

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