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Interior Construction Drywall Specialist was added to the HomeHub directory in February 2021, based on their inclusion on the preferred vendor list from Dwell Real Estate. Interior Construction Drywall Specialist primarily works in the Drywall category, but may offer other services as well – please contact them directly for more details. The company can be reached at (336) 570-3588.

Dale Ragan, With over 11 years experience in both commercial as well as residential contracting, my goal is to offer clients fair & honest pricing while ensuring the job is done efficiently & safely. My main goal is to provide high quality services while building a professional bond with my clients in hopes to become your go-to handyman for life! I also guarantee all of my work to your standards. That means the work’s done like you want it – the most important guarantee of all. At the completion of each job, I will do a full walk through with you, the customer, to ensure all aspects of job are done exactly how you had hoped & expected., (from Yelp)

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