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Kaufman Roofing was added to the HomeHub directory in February 2021, based on their inclusion on the preferred vendor list from Kerby & Cristina Real Estate Experts. Kaufman Roofing primarily works in the Roof category, but may offer other services as well – please contact them directly for more details. The company can be reached at (612) 722-0965 or here: www.kaufman-roofing.com.

Bob Kaufman, Kaufman Roofing specializes in residential shingle, slate, tile, wood shake, metal and flat roofs, as well as roof repair, ice dam and snow removal. We have years of experience working with insurance claims and are one of the few roofing contractors who has a special division exclusively for slate and tile roofs. Metal Roofs are becoming more and more popular. A metal roof can provide a wonderful accent over bay windows, dormers, and balconies. Metal is also a great way to produce the feeling of “Architectural authenticity.” At Kaufman Roofing, we not only install metal roofing, we fabricate it in our metal shop. From copper to sheet metal to aluminum, Kaufman can help you choose the roof that adds the right look to your home., (from Yelp)

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