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Kwik Kill was added to the HomeHub directory in February 2021, based on their inclusion on the preferred vendor list from Mad City Dream Homes. Kwik Kill primarily works in the Pest Control category, but may offer other services as well – please contact them directly for more details. The company can be reached at (608) 848-8899 or here:

Guaranteed One-Time Services, Family Business Since 1979, Fast, Effective, Environmentally Friendly, No Contracts, Licensed and Insured. Services : Mouse Proofing, Pest Proofing, Residential, Commercial, Monthly, Home Protection Program, Fall Invasion Service, Quarterly, Bi-Monthly, Chipmunks, Gophers, Carpenter Ant, Field Ant, House Ant, Pavement Ant, Pharaoh Ant, Thief Ant, American Cockroach, German Cockroach, Oriental Cockroach, Asian Lady Beetle, Bald Face Hornets, Bed Bug, Box Elder Bugs, Centipedes, Mole, Mouse, Occasional Invaders, Pantry Pests, Paper Wasps, Raccoon, Rat, Spider, Squirrel, Termite, Vole, Woodchuck, Woodpecker, Yellow Jacket, Insects : Bumble Bee, Chipmunks, Cricket, Earwig, Fruit Flies, Millipedes, Rodents, Shrews, Exterminator, Pest Control, Bug Eradication, Dane County, Wi, WI, Wisconsin,, (from Yelp)

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