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Sofian Cleaning Services, LLC was added to the HomeHub directory in February 2021, based on their inclusion on the preferred vendor list from Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. Sofian Cleaning Services, LLC primarily works in the Home Cleaning category, but may offer other services as well – please contact them directly for more details. The company can be reached at (267) 460-2211 or here: .

To make Holiday Cleanings easier for you to schedule, we offer fixed pricing (valid until 12/31/2019): Apartments and condos: Studio- $79 +tax One bedroom- $89 +tax 2bd 1bath- $99 +tax 2bd 2bath- $109 +tax 3bd 2+bth- $139+tax Houses: Studio- $89 +tax One bedroom- $95 +tax 2bd 1bath- $109 +tax 2bd 2bath- $119 +tax 3bd 2+bth- $139+tax Initial cleanings may cost up to 50% more if a property requires deep, time-consuming work. Call us to find out more! To include inside of fridge or oven cleaning will take additional $20 or we can do both for $30., (from Yelp)

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