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White Group was added to the HomeHub directory after the company was selected as a preferred vendor of Mark Ramsey, REALTOR®. White Group primarily works in the Property Management category, but may provide other home-related services. Recommended vendors from REALTORS® are always a good option since local real estate agents rely on these companies for their own business. Please contact the company directly for more details and to determine whether this vendor is a good fit for you.

Marc White, The White Group is a full-time real estate team with Keller Williams in Charlotte, NC. Their expertise is understanding how to help people get “the most money for their property OR the most property for their money.” When they list a property for sale, they specialize in assisting the homeowner with preparing the home to sell, aggressively marketing the property, then negotiating shrewdly to maximize the money the seller is able to take away from closing. On the other hand, when they work with a buyer, they are able to provide them with the localized knowledge and analysis of the current market conditions, then negotiate on their behalf to ensure that they save as much money as possible as they invest in their next property. The White Group is committed to helping people realize their dreams and achieve their goals. As your representative in the home buying and selling process, it is the White Group’s responsibility to ensure that your best interests come first.

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